Timetable for Android, version 1.004


Easy to use:
  • To add a new note/class, simply click and hold (long click) the desired box to bring the editor. Each note can have its own header, details and footnote, aswell as a custom color.
Three text fields, Title, Details and Footnote:
  • The header field is meant to be used as an easy to read abbreviation roughly 5-6 characters long (ie: MATH -> Mathematics).

  • The details field is meant to be used as a place to add extra notes. In portrait mode it will display with a really small font (unreadable), so you have a hint that there is text in there, and in landscape mode the text will (or should!) be perfectly readable.

  • The footnote field is there in case you need to write down the room number or similar, for example R-101 -> Room 101.
Get it up and running fast:
  • Inside the note editor there are options to copy, paste and delete notes, so you can write it down in a couple of minutes at most.
Set your timetable just the way you want it:
  • In the preferences (main screen, MENU button -> Preferences) you can set the days you want to display on the screen, from Monday to Sunday

  • You can also choose the start and ending time, from 00:00 hours to 23:00 hours

  • Note: in the next version, you will also be able to configure the minutes on each row (example: "from 12:15 to 13:45" instead of "from 12:00 to 13:00").
Current hour highlight:
  • The main application does NOT use any background activity, however every time you open or interact with the program (edit a note, open the preferences) it will automatically highlight the current hour. To do this manually, simply press MENU -> "Go to current hour". It will only highlight the current hour if the current day is configured to be displayed (monday, tuesday, etc) AND the current hour is also configured to be displayed
Backup/Restore timetables:
  • In the preferences, you have options to export to SD Card, import from SD Card and a convenient "Wipe all data" button, should you want to start from scratch or load a different timetable.

  • To import backup files, you have to place the files in the SD Card's root directory (usually "/sdcard"), otherwise the application won't find them.

  • Exported files will be written to the SD Card root directory aswell. Be aware that the application will not ask to overwrite any existing files.
Four skins:
  • Orange header with white background, orange header with black background, iphone-like skin and a WP7-like skin.
    In future versions there will be more customization options available
  • A single, 3x4 widget (3 rows, 4 columns), so there is room in the window for 4 extra icons.
    It displays the 7 days of the week, the previous hour, the current hour and as many hours after it that will fit. For 800x480 and 854x480 screens that means 5 more hours after the current one in portrait mode, for a total of 7 hours.

  • The widget will refresh its contents once every hour automatically, in order to have minimum impact on the battery life.

  • To refresh the widget's information manually, click on any part of the top bar (blue bar with the days in it). Sometimes it takes a couple of seconds, be patient it will refresh

  • To launch the application, click on any other part of the widget. Easy!
    At the moment there is no option to choose a custom skin for the widget, but it will be available in future updates.

  • Note to Eclair (Android 2.1) users: due to some limitations in the widgets code, the widget will not look as pretty as the Froyo version, which is almost an exact replica of the iphone-like skin. I couldn't find an elegant workaround for this without bloating the whole thing, so we (yes, I'm also on 2.1) are stuck with the less pretty version.

  • Also, since stock Android widgets don't allow scrolling (at least not without some serious hacking as far as I know), there is no scrolling.
Works on every screen:
  • That's right, it will (or should!) work with any screen, doesn't matter what resolution or size it is.
    If you find any bugs, please contact us at ibf.programs@gmail.com so we can fix it A.S.A.P!.
Suggestions are always welcome!