I don't know if these would even be apps or if it would need to be part of a custom rom but there are 2 things that drive me mad about the android os on my N1.

  1. Is there anything out there that will enhance a contact record to include a flag indicating if a given phone number is textable (i.e. can receive sms messages)? When I'm typing an sms and filling in the "to" field, if you are in landscape mode you can't tell which phone is mobile vs home vs whatever else. So unless you know you need to flip back into portrait mode to see the labels. Drives me crazy.
  2. Is there some enhancement that will perform proper breadcumbing. For example, if I'm viewing the web in a browser let's say and I get a phone call, when the call is over it goes to my call log. I want it to go back to where I was at before the call. Similarly if I make a call from a shortcut on my home screen when the call is over it goes to the call log and not back to my home screen. Lastly (it's not just phone calls) if I launch something like a mail or message from the notification bar and when I'm finished click the back button soft key it goes to the home of the app not back to where I was. Basically all apps go back to their respective parent application and I want the back button to take me back to where I was.

I figure those would probably require a custom rom but I figured I'd ask in case anybody has seen any apps that will perform either of those functions. Thanks