I use Free Music Download to put songs on my Nexus One over wifi. I use it often and it works great. Starting today I am receiving network error when I try to search for songs over wifi. Turn wifi off and no problem. This just started very recently and wondering is this a problem with anyone else??? Wondering if this is something new with music search and download apps from Google since the recent updates with music app?? I have no idea, just pissing me off.
Tried it on MyTouch4G and same issue.
Thanks for any possible ideas.

PROBLEM SOLVED, There is an app in market called fix broken button for the nexus one on off switch. It usually comes up when you search for anyunlock. When you enable this app for some reason it screwed up the search feature in wifi network. Did the same thing on another phone as well. I use the app for turning the screen on instead of using the power button. Just had power button fixed and trying to not use it as much as possible. Thought I would just relay info in case someone else has this problem.