Program - watch, showing the total measurement time, the last count, maximum, minimum, and average readings.

Measurement accuracy of 0.01 seconds.

The ability to simultaneously display three (full version - ten) stopwatches.

Allowed as an independent control of each stopwatch, and synchronous control of all the stopwatches at once.

When closing the program stores the state and data of all stopwatches. Next time you start to continue the countdown.

Additional features of the full version:
- 10 chronometers.
- Sound, vibration and color indication of exceeding previous measurements.
- Motion control (start / stop and pause vertical or horizontal movement of the phone) with sensitivity adjustment. To accurately measure the time, just give up the phone!
- Record all measurements in ".сsv"-file can be exported to MS Excel! Written to boot, start, intermediate times, stop and delete each stopwatch with all readings.