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This is a discussion on Google maps within the Nexus One Application Discussion forums, part of the Nexus One category; Originally Posted by NexusDro Originally Posted by davidalow44 Actually, while the app "Google Maps" is pre-loaded on the N1, the maps themselves are not, and ...

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Thread: Google maps

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    Quote Originally Posted by NexusDro View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by davidalow44 View Post
    Actually, while the app "Google Maps" is pre-loaded on the N1, the maps themselves are not, and must be downloaded as needed. At present, there is no way to cache the maps ahead of time. This is a feature that many would appreciate.
    davidalow44 is correct. You need a data connection to see the maps in Google Maps. So if you are offline, you won't be able to see any maps other than the part of the maps that was temporarily downloaded last time you opened Google Maps. Nokia's Ovi Maps, on the other hand, is a true Maps app because all the maps data are pre-installed in the internal memory of the phone (~1.2GB of maps data just for the US.) This is the advantage that the new Nokia phones have. However, I heard that there are 3rd party maps for the Android which allow you to download the maps data for offline use.
    Can you please name some of those applications, that are working on Nexus One?

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    Google Maps are one of those must have apps - never get lost again!

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    let's add IGO to the list..

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    1.2 GB and that is not the Sat View. Can't imagine how much memory that would need. I was at the lake last weekend and, yep, no maps. So you will need a Data Plan.

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    Andnav2 is free mapping and navigation software.
    You can download it from the android market.
    It does need 3G or wifi to actually download and navigate as you go. Both the maps and the routes are provided from a central server.
    However, you can create maps for it for free using This has got Europe and California well covered, and various other parts of the globe but not all parts. The process to create and download maps is a little complicated but works. The maps have a lot more detail than most bought satnav software.
    You can also create routes and preload them so they work offline - but obviously they will not then re-route if you go off route.
    I am using this to cycle across Europe in June July, so have spent some time investigating and creating and downloading maps. But the only caveat is power use.
    If you use Google Maps or Andnav on line with 3G as you travel, the combined effect of data transfer and gps really uses up your battery - on a 250mile motorway trip across the UK yesterday, battery only lasted about 3 hours.
    I am going to do another long trip using preloaded maps tomorrow, 3G switched off but gps on and see how long battery lasts

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