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i love all google products,, i gave google listen a FAIR shot at being the #1 podcast app on my android. but it has one issue, that just dont cut it for me.

... when the podcast is released on a website i follow, it takes google listen like 6 hours to notice it.

thats simply a fail...

then i downloaded beyondpod and it works MINT, the exact min the podcast became available on the tech site i follow was the exact time it was available with beyondpod.

i didnt want to pay for the full version of beyondpod ,, i also really wanted the google product to work, but it simply did not.
I can't find any search options with beyondpad. Do you have to pay for the full version to search fro podcasts? How much does it cost?
paying for the full version ONLY removes the 7 day trial,, it adds no extra features (that im aware of)