Are there any apps/widgets/homescreen replacements out there that imitate the concept of Moto Blur? Although I'm not a huge fan of the execution, I like the concept of a homepage that takes all the incoming data and delivers it to you in widgets organized by category. I currently have a mt3g and will be getting Nexus One soon. It would be nice, for instance, to have a scrollable widget that shows all my emails from both Touchdown and Gmail, or could show updates from all my social networking sites. I really like the idea of having things organized in groups according to type and then having a press take you to the specific app rather than having a widget for every app. There are some themes for Sweet Home that look pretty good but they still only feed data from a specific app (or so it would seem). I'm not a programmer or developer so maybe what I'm asking for is near impossible if you don't have the resources of a company like Motorola. Am I completely dreaming? Any suggestions?