So I've been using Ringdroid for a few weeks now and while I've loved the ability to just clip and save whichever part of a song for a notification/alarm/ringtone, a constant annoyance keeps popping up. A day or two after saving a clip, it starts showing up as "unknown" (when I go back into Ringdroid to make a new ringtone) and the name gets bunched together.

I made a new alarm and named it "Together Alarm", but now it comes up as "TogetherAlarm" and right above it in smaller font it used to say "Ringdroid" but now it says "<unknown>" and better yet, when I delete the ringtone, it'll say that it was NOT created by Ringdroid... what the???

This is what I mean... the picture will show the Together clip and the annoying renaming/unknown and a new Smashing Pumpkins clip that I just made (which is the way that it normally looks like).

Anybody else have this problem or know of a way to fix it?