I tried to install it before leaving the States, but ran into some difficulty. I am trying to use the wifi to make calls back almost free since I do not have gizmo5 account (few pennies per minute).

I finally got to the point to configuring it, however it will not connect saying that it is being timed out while trying to connect to smsdiscount server. Another thing is that I am already overseas, and i am not sure if i have it configured correct but because the site is blocked overseas it is not able to connect, or if there is an error in the configuration. Is there a way to determine which is really true?

It seems that most sip/voip sites in the UAE are already blocked. If that is the problem, is there a way of using a proxy server on the phone to bypass the blocking by the carrier? Just curious how to get around this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated.

All I need to know if I finally was able to install the application and configure it correctly but because the local carrier (also the only ISP in the country) has blocked smsdiscount website the application is failing to complete a connections or not. This is really driving nuts.

Again any insight would be greatly appreciated.