F1Android2010 - Formula1 Grand Prix events in your Android Device

Enjoy Formula1 events with all the real live race information, like you
were in the paddock. With F1Android you will experience the magic of
Formula1 Grand Prix from your Android Device. Get information about the
last lap of Fernando Alonso, the number of pit stops of your favorite
driver, flag status of the race, time left to the end... everything in
real time.

Do you like Formula1? Have you ever seen Stefano Domenicali looking at
those black monitors with live timing of the event? Do you want to know
the time gap between your favourite driver and Michael Schumacher in the
first sector of Nurburgring? Yes, now you can access all this
information and much more from your Android device anywhere, we are
complety sure,Ross Brawn would love it.

F1Android is the first open source application that allows you, to enjoy
Formula1 events with all the necessary information as if you were in the

The application is avaliable in the Android Market.
More information in: F1Android - Formula1 events inside your Android Device
or the facebook group: F1Android | Facebook