iphone 3GS vs nexus pictures... xD

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Thread: iphone 3GS vs nexus pictures... xD

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    iphone 3GS vs nexus pictures... xD

    just playing around! xD



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    In these 2 pictures, the nexus obviously wins! =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by FC1032 View Post
    I don't have pictures but there is a good video on youtube that compares the Nexus to Iphone4 directly (LONG VIDEO!!)

    YouTube - ‪iPhone 4 Vs. Nexus One‬‎

    SPOILER: Its a tie... which is pretty good for a half year old phone

    As for the screen comparison, iphone has better sharpness (don't know why, but it seems to have a yellow tint over the screen, whole screen in general not random blotches), Nexus has better colours :D (full blown cartoony blue, red and green XD)

    EDIT: turns out bav1987 brought this video up already... whoops. But lazy N1 users can press the video easier now XD
    My Two Pennies Worth of iPhone4 V/s N1


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