Audiophile listening on Nexus One

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Thread: Audiophile listening on Nexus One

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    Audiophile listening on Nexus One

    I really like the quality of the audio on the nexus one.

    The key is to have high quality mp3s!!! and high quality earphones!!!

    I rip all my cds using Winamp pro. It's important to have the paid "pro" version so that you can use it's LAME mp3 encoder to rip your CDs. You go into options...then preferences...then cd ripping...then Mp3 Encoder v.1.35a (LAME)...Then select alt-preset-fast-standard.

    When you rip your cds with this setting you will get a transparent version of your CD (no perceived difference) good enough for an audiophile and won't take up huge amounts of space on your hard drive like a FLAC file will. No need to select anything higher than alt-preset-fast-standard. Any higher and you might as well use FLAC.

    Be careful when you buy mp3s online...they are usually highly compressed and of poor quality.

    Ear buds matter! $200 will get you an excellent pair of ear buds (and you will notice the difference). $200 is above my price range so after a lot of research and trialling I use $90 Klipsh S4's readily available at "Best Buy." They are unbelievable at that price range and are definitely the bargain entry level audiophile ear bud.

    I love the "3" (cubed) music player. The 3 is a superscript so it's hard to locate in the market place. If you set it to "morph view" you get that ipod type interface with the album covers flowing by. Set to "cube" you get this neat "show off to your friends" view...I prefer morph. Obviously the player has no impact on sound quality.

    I also like mp3tag to tag album covers to my music.

    I've used the sync feature on winamp but find it flawed and buggy in many ways. I prefer to simply drag my music over to the nexus one's sd card manually.

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    "mp3" and "audiophile" don't belong in the same sentence

    I believe there are audio players out there that will allow nexus one to play flac (look it up) files. Next best thing to do is to forget mp3 and start using vorbis. Vorbis provides higher quality audio in the same or smaller file size as mp3.

    Get a copy of oggdrop on your PC. Rip your CD's (or DL flac files from your favorite source), then drop the flac/wav files onto oggdrop and it will spit out better than mp3 ogg files that will play on your nexus one. Oggdrop will also transfer the tags from flac files to the ogg files so you don't have to retag them.

    I have a library of CDs ripped to fully tagged flac files on two HDDs (one is backup). One HDD is used by SqueezeBox Server to squirt the audio to my SqueezeBox and SqueezeBox Boom. When I want portable audio, I drop selected flacs onto oggdrop and copy the result to my nexus one.

    I have a pair of the Klipsch Image S4s. They sound pretty good and provide really good isolation from outside noise. I also have some Sennheiser CX-150s that sound pretty good and cost a lot less.

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