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    Video Streaming

    Hi everyone. My name is Rich Truesdell, I'm the editorial director of and a first-day buyer of the N1.

    I'm not a phone geek so if I seem like a newbee, it's because I am and I need some step-by-step help.

    I'm an automotive journalist and in the next two weeks I'm going to be driving two cars cross country, west to east, then east to west. Starting Thursday or Friday I will be driving a 2011 Chevy Cruze Eco from LA to NY in the hope/expectation that I will be able to do it on 75 gallons of gas, averaging 40 m.p.g. Then I'll head back in the other direction in the same Suzuki Kizashi that is currently on display at the NY Auto Show and that Motor Trend has already driven from Japan through western Russia then after it was airlifted to Alaska, driven to LA. I will be driving the very last leg of this car's incredible journey before it is retired.

    I'd like to see if anyone has experience with stream live video from their N1 and how can that video be displayed. I'd like to place a window on my blog on where either live video via my T-Mobile wireless connection (bandwidth willing) can be displayed or alternatively, archived videos can be viewed. I'm a print-centric journalist so I have absolutely no clue if it's possible or practical. That's why I came here.

    Cam anyone help? I leave LA for NY Thursday or Friday at the latest and would love to know if it's even possible. The N1 is a fabulous tool and over the 16 months that I've owned it I'm sure that I've only scratched the surface of its capabilities.

    Unrelated question, does Google still have the online support forums? I went to and didn't see anything. Haven't had any issues since my screen cracked last year and HTC wouldn't fix it under warranty even though it was most likely heat-related.


    Richard Truesdell
    Editorial Director, Automotive Traveler Magazine,

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    Ok well I don't know how your site works (and sorry but not in the mood to look around right now) but if you can upload videos to it from your computer then you can do it through the phones browser as well. As far as live feed goes maybe you can if once again it is enabled with the site directly but if you need to download a software to do that on your computer you will need an app and if they don't have one for android then it won't work.

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    Your trip has since completed, but I wanted to provide a bit of insight, should any others attempt a similar feat.

    I have experience streaming TV over my N1 via T-Mobile 3G on the train in Socal during my commute, and also on road trips up to the bay area (3-400 miles). I've never tried broadcasting streaming video, which is what it sounds like you were trying to do.

    The issue with streaming on the go, whether it be down or up, is that after you depart any major metropolis for the countryside, the number of 3/4G radios on cell towers decreases quickly -- meaning the fast broadband connection that could support broadcasting/viewing TV signal is now reduced to 2G, which will not support such heavy network loads. Go even further into the hinterlands, and 2G goes down to GPRS. I'm sure you quickly learned that when you left the big city and hit the sticks, network performance reduce significantly.

    Now to answer your question, JustinTV Broadcaster is an app that will let you upload and broadcast a video signal from your N1 to your JustinTV channel. Alternatively, Ustream will let you do the same. There should be a way to embed the JustinTV/Ustream channels into your blog. Not sure how, but I'd assume there should be a way to get it done.

    For folks broadcasting in metropolises, where the 3/4G signal should remain strong, broadcasting a continuous stream with either app above shouldn't be an issue.

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