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Thread: Question about switching carriers

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    Question Question about switching carriers

    So, I have a question and this seemed like the place to ask it. Pardon me if it isn't, and maybe someone could point me in the direction where I could find an answer.

    Basically I ordered the nexus one with t-mobile after reviewing the coverage maps and *thinking* I was going to get coverage. After receiving and activating the phone I came to learn that in fact I did NOT have any service in my area at all. After contacting T-Mobile, getting the run around, getting transferred to Google, then to HTC, back to Google, and finally being transferred back to T-Mobile. Needless to say, it was a frickin hassle to try to get answers about how to cancel my contract. Finally I got T-Mobile to cancel my account and waive the early termination fee, and they told me I had to contact the manufacturer of the phone to return it. Now, I know HTC won't take the phone back because I had already been on the phone with them and they said they would not take it because it had been past the 14 day buyers remorse...

    So now, with all that being said I'm at the point where I have the Nexus One with no service provider. I'm wondering if there is a way for me to activate my phone with a new service provider without contacting google/htc about it. Reason being is quite frankly I don't feel like paying the extra $500 for the phone... If any of this made sense to someone and they have any sort of answer please feel free to inform me. I've been looking into unlocking/rooting the nexus one, but I'm not sure if that would give me the capability to get my phone up and going with a new carrier that gets good coverage in my area.

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    Sorry to hear this...That had to Suck.

    I dont think you can get that phone activated on any other carrier other than TMO. Correct me if I'm Wrong but they make a different version of the N1 on AT&T for they're network specifically.

    You could try selling the phone on Ebay...

    Also this should probably be in the Off Topic Section
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    Just put an ATT sim card in there and it will work. No nexus one is carrier-locked.
    However the reason there is a T-Mobile version and an ATT version is that 3G is different between the companies. Your T-Mobile phone will not be able to use ATT 3G. You will still get an EDGE connection, so voice is fine and data works but is slower.

    Regardless of that, I think Google charges it's own ETF if you cancel your contract? Dunno if T-mobile waived that for you too...

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