I am trying to install cyanogen on my nexus one. I followed the instructions as in
http://www.nexusoneforum.net/forum/n...-cyanogen.html up to step 5 (installing the recovery)
I do have root (as I checked with su in a terminal app).
If I go in the HBOOT menu and select recovery, I don't get the recovery menu (as on a friend's nexus) but my nexus reboots and goes into a black screen after which no button works. Only after removing the battery and reinserting it I can start my nexus again.
Help! Since I can't get into recovery to do a nandroid backup or install the cyanogen rom.

I get the black non-responsive screen already in step 4 (rooting with superboot). After executing install-superboot-windows.bat (which executes very fast) my nexus reboots into the black screen.

Maybe I have a SLCD screen and is something like http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?p=7857934 the solution

Yes I downloaded http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4481275/reco... and now it works! (special SLCD version)