Because of the Problems with all SD:EXT Options in the last recovery version, Amon_Ra released a new version, wich is also able to mount the EXT before flashing a new rom AUTIOMATICALLY!! That means you can, with nothing else to do, flash the DESIRE HD Rom.

Also, all PSFreedom Options are included, in the future, there will only be ONE amon_ra recovery.

Original Thread: xda-developers - View Single Post - [Recovery] [30-May-2010] RA-nexus-v1.7.0.1

Download Recovery:

MD5: 326c54fa6906706b434049a5a860370c

Changelog :
Completely ignore verification
Added menu loop
Added PSFreedom support
SLCD should be supported
Added SDEXT support in update scripts

Short How-TO
Connect Nexus to WIndows PC via USB
Bootet Nexus in Bootloader Modus
activate the Fastboot Modus
copy the downloaded file to where your fastboot.exe is situatet (e.g. tools folder)
enter the following strings

fastboot devices
shows if fastboot detects your device, if returns no error proceed with

fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-nexus-v1.9.0-alpha.img

Happy Flashing