[ROM] eViL's NXSense HD v.0.2 - Desire HD Port [New Update][9/24/10] - xda-developers

Currently this is a very WIP by the same eViL dev who ported the original Desire Sense ROM. Currently, WiFi is wonky, the camera does not work, and tethering is a no show. But stick around, I'm sure we'll see some huge leaps and bounds over the next several weeks! For the mostly stable Desire port step by step install: http://www.nexusoneforum.net/forum/n...chen-sink.html

New Sense UI is probably the best Android yet.
Map tiles are cached to the device!
Recent Apps are placed in the notification bar.
New widgets.
Unified Inbox.
eBook Reader.
DNLA streaming.
HTCSense.com will offer GPS tracking of lost phone, turn ringer back on from silent, remote wipe, backup SMS and call log.
And more. Check out the official Desire HD site for more: http://www.htc.com/www/product/desirehd/overview.html