Favorite Custom Rom(s) and Why

This is a discussion on Favorite Custom Rom(s) and Why within the Nexus One Development & Hacking forums, part of the Nexus One category; Introduction : I am beginning this thread with the hope of getting as much input as possible on everyones favorite, likes/dislikes, and opinions of recent ...

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Thread: Favorite Custom Rom(s) and Why

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    Favorite Custom Rom(s) and Why

    Introduction: I am beginning this thread with the hope of getting as much input as possible on everyones favorite, likes/dislikes, and opinions of recent custom rom's. Please note that I have included the stock Froyo rom because some choose not to root their N1 and their input is just as important to others making a decision whether to root or not. If there is sufficient input in this thread then I will add this link to the Custom Roms List thread.

    Purpose: This thread will give everyone the ability to see at a quick glance, what favorite roms are out there and why folks love them in one thread without having to search each individual thread to find out this information. Many people choose to try a certain custom rom or to stay stock based upon what others opinions are.

    NOTE: This thread is not for providing support for custom roms. If you require support for any of the listed roms then go to its individual thread and you will be helped there by the many users. You can find the individual threads by going here: http://www.nexusoneforum.net/forum/n...roms-list.html. Please no bashing or flaming others for their opinions. I want to keep this clean and informative so it is useful for everyone.

    Instructions: Please state your favorite rom(s) from the list provided below, your opinions and experiences with it/them, and your likes/dislikes. Have fun.

    Sorry Admin if this is in the wrong section.

    Stock Froyo (unrooted)

    CyanogenMod Rom

    eViL's NXsense Rom

    eViL's NXSense HD Desire Rom

    MIUI (Stock) Rom

    Enomther's Rom

    Kang-o-rama ROM

    FRF91/FRG83 Rom

    RoDrigUeZsTyle's MIUIMOD Rom

    MicroMod's Desire Port Super Hybrid Rom

    MicroMod v3.0 FroyoFRG83 Rom
    Rooted One Click Method 8/11/10
    Unlocked Bootloader 11/11/10
    Rom: CM7 RC1 w/ Honeybread theme

    Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
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    I'll get the ball rolling with a short post:

    RoDrigUeZsTyle's MIUIMOD Rom

    Likes:Battery life is really greatInterface is smooth and speedy
    Rod is very active and constantly updating with fixes etc

    At the moment it seems like my mic cuts in and out randomly during calls sometimes
    tried out RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD... and it's AWESOME

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    I love "MicroMod's Desire Port Super Hybrid Rom"
    I love the animated windshield wipers when it rains or snows.
    I love the Scenes you can pick from for a layout.
    I love the Wallpapers
    I love the weather maps, world clock
    I love the pictures of the person you want to dial on the screen.
    I love the HD camcorder
    I love the HTC calendar
    I love the FM Radio
    I love the Friend Screen
    I love the yellow sticky notes
    I love the quick recorder, sand timer, stocks, tip calculator, coin flip, Today in History and dice.
    I love the smoothness, quickness & feel
    I love how it can be changed from one look to a completely different one without changing roms.
    I love that I have to turn the volume down at times
    Great Rom!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Google Nexus One Froyo
    Rooted ~ CM 6RC3~ CM6.0 N1~ Nightlies ~
    Was Using~ eViL's NXSense v.1.21.3 - 720p, BT, FM, Hotspots, Kitchen Sink
    Was Using~ MicroMod's 2.12 Desire SuperHybrid
    Was Using~ MicroMod's Gingerbread CM7 Custom ROM v1.2 (DT's-Ap2Ext,Bat%,Themed
    Was Using ~ BlackDroid's Nexus One - UD 3.1.0Rom
    Was Using ~ CM 7 Gingerbread Green or Blue ExtremeMod ROM
    Now ~ CM NIGHTLY'S

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    I was going to start a whole new thread about this, but I found this one and just thought I would post here instead. Why doesn't anyone ever give kang-o-rama any props for the great roms he makes? His roms are fast, give the stock look with out the mandatory adw.launcher, or launcherpro, which is one of the things I like. He makes his settings menu colorful, after flashing the rom, even with all his pre-loaded roms there is still 196mb of free space on the phone, and one of my favorite features is on the notification bar when you pull it down it has quick buttons that can be customized to activate wifi, all of that stuff. I highly recommend this rom to anyone and everyone that likes the look of stock android, but wants all the goodies.

    [ROM] Kang-o-rama 1.1 b1 | CM6.1 | OC-UV | Apps2Ext | BBQ or Banquet - Your Choice! - xda-developers
    GO BRONCOS!!!!

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    STOCK MIUI using WildMonks Kernels

    Love fast UI. Period.
    Battery Life Is Great. Right now I'm on the stock Kernel but I have been away from a charger since 7 this morning, been using my phone pretty frequent today and still have 50% battery life
    Completely different layout from Stock Froyo layout
    Lock screen with music player functionality
    FM Radio, Even though I don't care for it nor use it
    New MIUI music player is one of the best design I have seen for a player.
    0.11.19/0.11.26 now support themes for home screen and SMS which is great
    No issues for me when updating to the newest build each week
    a2sp+ support I have 512 ext3 memory
    Pop up SMS Message Screen and notification in the lock screen.
    Love the phone.apk layout and supports phone call recording
    Supports battery power saving settings
    Power options in the notification bar and like the soft touch screen off button

    I don't like
    No App Drawer
    Frequent English Packs updates, but nothing for me to really gripe about as this is the game us rooters play
    Not a more defined Track Ball notification as with CM6 w/o having to use TAP.
    No options to change the VM Heap as with CM6
    No option to boot into recovery w/o going through ROM Manager
    Having to use folders to organize all the apps.

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    I haven't used too many roms but:

    Cyanogen 6 was my first:
    * Lots of features which I would have thought stock SHOULD have had.
    * Well supported by the community
    * From the above point, there haven't been much incompatibly.
    - I think its still a little rough around the edges, not too pretty.

    MIUI (The bundle):
    * Far more polished than stock or Cyanogen without much configuration
    * far better battery life
    * Nice touches here and there: love the power bar and lockscreen
    * I haven't encountered much lag FAST
    - Missing some basic feature like cyanogen (namely the camera options, render effects and pinch to reflow)
    - stock launcher is VERY iphone like

    Rod's MIUI (in addition to MIUI):
    * Nicely feature packed, feels much more complete. Saves me having to jump around everywhere.
    - I don't like how its themed.

    Galaxy Nexus? I like Nexus prime more. Even the code name "Maguro" seemed cooler.

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    MicroMod Froyo SuperHybrid v3.6

    I absolutely love this rom. I have flashed many and still continue to test and try out new roms regularly but always come back to this one as my main working rom.


    -I love the speed using wildmonks 920v 1152MHz kernel. It gives me great battery life and benchmark scores in the mid 1700's (few times as high as 1800+). To me its as snappy as MIUI.

    -I love the Transformers Sound Effect for my notifications (it really annoys my wife).

    -I love the trackball alert installed in the rom.

    -I love the wifi calling installed in the rom.

    -I love the new wifi toggle and brightness widgets that were added.

    -I love the new pendo's battery circle installed.


    -No HTC sense widgets.

    -No miui pulldown taskbar (I really love that feature).

    -None other.
    Rooted One Click Method 8/11/10
    Unlocked Bootloader 11/11/10
    Rom: CM7 RC1 w/ Honeybread theme

    Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
    (I'll either find a way or make one)


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