I have a N1 with a prepaid T-Mo plan. I also am required to carry around my Sprint work blackberry, which gets unlimited data. I can get data on demand from T-Mo for $1.49/24 hours, but ideally, I'd like to be able to connect my N1 to my blackberry since data is unlimited on it.

I'm actually half-way home, but I need some scripting help. I found this App - Q5 Bluetooth DUN (Link) and it does seem to initiate the DUN sequence but the scripting doesn't seem to be dialing the number correctly. To use BT DUN with Sprint, you just need to dial #777 with no username or password.

Here is a help page below with the default script settings, but it's for a vodaphone connection. And, it doesn't seem very straightforward how I would modify it to work with sprint. Can anyone help me with this? I'll be happy to stuff a few bucks in the paypal account of anyone who can help me get this working - thanks!

Help/Script Page