Cool thanks for the heads up but for now cm6.1.1 i stay cause I actually have been having problems (the ones I said somewhere above) but they don't appear right after I flash the ROM but after the first reboot so now I'm going through the process of doing every step to see where the problem is as in I flashed the ROM rebooted, signed in to the google account rebooted, downloaded titanium backup rebooted, now I'm reinstalling all my apps and I'll see what it gives after. I know it might be a bit much on the reboots (after installing titanium and such) but I'm just kind of want to fix this the first time and not have to do it again. Then lets say I would like to stick with cm6.1.1 for a little bit and actually I think I may go explore other ROMs like miui before I go to cm7 because tried it out before my phone died and it wasn't really anything amazing.