So I dropped my phone about four days ago at about 1 meter height with an otterbox case and ever since then, my phone has been acting up. I get strange green lines across the screen, and sometimes, every pixel on the screen with gradually turn green, and then it will go back to normal for about 10 minutes and then repeat. It happens while the phone is on, during the splash logo, the boot logo, and during recovery. I noticed that when it happens, pushing the screen/display and the back together (as in squeezing it in my hand) gets rid of it. I tried a soft reboot, hard reboot, battery pull, reflash rom, and nandroid. I am hesitant to send it to HTC, since I don't have warranty and don't want to pay extra. (Especially so, because I am on an ICS rom with an unlocked bootloader) I also don't want to open the phone up since I have seen a Nexus One Teardown, and it's not exactly easy to put together after it's been taken apart. Any suggestions as to what the problem is, or is it off to eBay to buy a new Nexus One?

All help appreciated.