As many of you may not know, my Nexus One has had some screen problems for about a week now. The OLED screen on my nexus one gets green lines, and sometimes becomes unresponsive, followed by a few screen glitches. I notices that if you reboot, the screen wonks fine for about 5-10 min, then it happens again. The phone is fully functional, with ICS (texasice ver. 2.1.0p11) and a blackrose HBOOT with 220/16/200 partition layout. I have switched ROMS, kernels, etc. and none helped. If someone could maybe point me to what the problem may be coming from, it would help a lot. I have no warranty, I dont wanna send to HTC, for fear that they with reject my phone (unlocked bootloader) or it'll be expensive, and they'll just send me a new device. I have been thinking about selling the device for parts/not working on Ebay, if I can't find out what's wrong.

All help is welcome,