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This is a discussion on Angry Birds Released - FREE within the Nexus One Games forums, part of the Nexus One category; Originally Posted by Dude Random21 Ya well the worst part is that I would trust Google with my credit card info, if I had any ...

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Thread: Angry Birds Released - FREE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude Random21 View Post
    Ya well the worst part is that I would trust Google with my credit card info, if I had any its cause I`m a teen and itís my momís credit card so you get the point. Plus my mom is a total noob when it comes to computers and the internet and plus she doesn`t trust them at all.
    Ah gotcha. That's more sense.

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    I imagine that it is pretty common that it is teens and pre-teens who are complaining about apps not being free. My issue with that is, I'm sure these teens have no problem paying for a candy bar, and their parents have no problem giving them money to go get a candy bar or a coke. But when it comes to buying an app for the same price, those same parents say "No Way!". And that attitude gets passed through to the kid. It makes no sense.

    There are just so many wrong lessons in that,
    1. a distorted view of the value of money
    2. We should be teaching our children to pay for what they get, and help them feel good about paying for what they get. These apps take a significant amount of time and work from the developer, they should be compensated appropriately. Life is not a freebie, you gotta work for what you get.
    3. If these kids see that the developers get paid for doing something that could be fun, they could decide to try their hand at it and become entrepreneurs themselves.

    I mean it's one thing if it were a $50 item or more, but we're talking $1 - $5 here. There's a crime going on here in what parents are teaching their kids (overstatement, I know, but you get the idea).

    Granted, there are limits, you don't want them to be racking up $500 in apps, but that's part of the learning process as well.

    So when I see statements expecting something for nothing, I want to go smack their parents upside the head

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    Ya but this is not really the same for me, me its cause its online and my mom doesn`t want anything to do with the internet and computers because she doesn`t understand them, and every time I try and show her something she either doesn`t get it or she doesn`t have time doesn`t care etc.

    Now I completely understand this and the passing it down to the children part that is more or less true yes often when the child will follow the example of the parent and not want to buy apps, but in allot of cases it doesn`t because the child complains all the time that they can`t buy online so the child doesn`t keep these values so it more of a 50/50 thing it depends on the mentality of the child.

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