Google shutting down online Nexus One store

This is a discussion on Google shutting down online Nexus One store within the Nexus One & Google Phone News forums, part of the Nexus One category; It is with great sadness I expect that Google announced the closure of their online Nexus One retail channel . They concede that the experiment ...

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Thread: Google shutting down online Nexus One store

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    Google shutting down online Nexus One store

    It is with great sadness I expect that Google announced the closure of their online Nexus One retail channel. They concede that the experiment of online only sales did not work and will instead focus on delivering any future phones through existing retails channels.

    What does this mean for Nexus One owners? Not much. Your experience won't change as Google still remains 100% committed to the Android platform - and we've seen huge growth of that platform in the past 6 months. Our site of course will remain up forever as well (well, maybe not FOREVER, but you get the idea) -- we aren't going anywhere and plan to offer Nexus One users support and assistance for a long time to come.

    In addition, consumer choice is getting better and better. More and more bleeding edge phones have been released and Google's own announcement tells people to check out some recent alternatives, such as the Droid Incredible/HTC Incredible for the Verizon network and the HTC Evo 4G/Sprint EVO 4G for the Sprint network.

    Google often takes stabs at many different aspects and see which ones stick and which ones don't. You can't expect 100% success at everything you try in this competitive industry, so I am grateful they at least gave it a shot.

    In the mean time, we can enjoy the Nexus One's we have, continue to modify them to our hearts' content and wait until the next Android powered phones strikes our fancy.

    Here's to an idea that didn't quite work out but delivered us a great phone in the mean time none the less. :nexusx:

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    Very funny...... :nexusx: :iphone:

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    Maybe this will be a good thing

    More retail availability. As we make Nexus One available in more countries we’ll follow the same model we’ve adopted in Europe, where we're working with partners to offer Nexus One to consumers through existing retail channels. We’ll shift to a similar model globally.

    From retail to viewing. Once we have increased the availability of Nexus One devices in stores, we'll stop selling handsets via the web store, and will instead use it as an online store window to showcase a variety of Android phones available globally.

    Innovation requires constant iteration. We believe that the changes we're announcing today will help get more phones to more people quicker, which is good for the entire Android ecosystem: users, partners and also Google.

    Posted by Andy Rubin, VP, Engineering

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    This is good ONLY if:
    They can find partners (tmobile, at&t, best buy, etc.) that are willing to sell the N1 in their stores.

    I surely hope this does not mean the beginning of the end for the N1 (I doubt it is) because I love what this phone can do. I also hope that they will continue to develop great apps and softwares for this phone.

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    Google needs to put the N1 at Walmart, Target and places like that.

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    Google is just changing its marketing strategy as they realize that by selling online it did not go down well with consumers in general. IMHO, I think is a good move as potential consumers would be able to see & feel the phone first hand. This will also improve the after sales support. Problem now is N1 is facing a lot of stiff competitions from other Android sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlff View Post
    Problem now is N1 is facing a lot of stiff competitions from other Android sets.
    Agreed. Too little, too late.

    The average Joe will be comparing to newer phones. Doubt N1 stands a chance unless the carrier doesn't offer anything (that appears) better than the N1.

    Or they sell it for cheap.

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    Well lets give them credit for trying out online sales that did not turn out well at all.
    Next course of action: 1/Tie up with telcos & sell N1 with & without contract. Price has to be competitive as new Android sets are being launched almost on a daily basis. Also make the N1 availability world-wide by appointing dealers in all the main countries or by regions.
    2/Forget about N1 & better come up with a more advanced handset than the N1. 3/ Delay providing OS's updates to other non Google Android handsets.
    This is just my 2cents thought.

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    I honestly think this is good news. I know many people that wanted the N1 but didn't get it because they didn't get a chance to play with it. It takes ball to do a leap of faith and purchase a phone online without getting to see it first hand.

    Here's to my fellow N1 owners who had the balls (and cheers to the few females too)
    Come here little sheep; I have a nice juicy apple for you!

    Nexus One: Locked and Rooted
    ROM: CM7

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    It's not good news for us in the UK. There is only one Network Partner and they are charging 5 (around $7.50) per month for the Nexus over cost of the Desire.

    I bought mine from Google because I did not want to be tied in to a particular network

    One place is selling SIM free, but at a heavy premium over the cost of buying from Google

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