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Thread: [Video] Hands on - Seidio Innodock JR

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    If I'm going to be listening to music from my N1, I'll be plugging it into my full-on home stereo system, by way of a mini-plug-to-RCA jack cable. Same way I do it in my car, in fact. I don't stream wirelessly to anything, as I don't have any sort of BT receiver to use. IOW, I plug the RCA leads into one of the unused jacks on my preamp/receiver, and switch to that input to listen to the N1.

    As to the case, you are correct. I have to remove the bottom half of the Seidio case to use the Boxwave dock...but that's very easy, and not an issue for me.

    And yes, the Seidio dock has much more room and flexibility for use with a case. I can leave the Innocase on in full when I set it in the Seidio dock. And as I said, the Seidio dock has enough room to allow the extended battery to fit with its larger back in place.

    So, it would seem that the Seidio case offers the most flexibility to fitting the N1 with various cases, so long as they allow the mini-USB port to be accessed.

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    Thanks Wera... I got confused. Basically when you said mini plug to RCA, it is the same as what I am thinking of my 3.5mm jackt that I plugged my Blackberry into with my 3.5mm male wire on one end to the rca on the other end that was plugged into the Auxiliary jack on my Denon stereo, right?

    And I did the same thing with my Alpine stereo, the 3.5 mm jack plugged in and I turned the output to AUX for the radio and the music played. If someone called, I could place it on speaker and it would go thru the speakers sort of like a bluetooh hands free anyway right?

    What btw is this hands free dialing that the N1 is reviewed to NOT have. how do you do that, or rather NOT do that. Basically have your headset paired with the N1, reach up to your headset, press some sort of button, and then verbally say the number to dial?? Just a wild guess?

    The it really is only two buttons to press with the Desktop Shortcut , Contact-Direct Dial, right

    lastly, when using the N1, blackberry, anything thru the AUX output of the radio (btw is that input or output, I wanna make sure I have my terms right) Is the phone being charged at that time??

    Thanks as always. you should go home knowing you help people while it may be casual questions to some, for people who stress (you may see some anxiety with me...but also, I hope a sense of kindness) like me, it is a GREAT thing you do

    Anyone else reading this, who helps, please know the same thing

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