Google Being Sued Over Nexus One 3G Issues

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Thread: Google Being Sued Over Nexus One 3G Issues

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    Google Being Sued Over Nexus One 3G Issues

    Google Being Sued Over Nexus One 3G Issues

    Posted 09/02/10 at 04:35:31 PM by Ryan Whitwam

    A Florida man has filed suit against Google in response to the Nexus One's 3G signal issues. Nathan Nabors is seeking unspecified damages and class action status for the suit. Manufacturer HTC and original carrier T-Mobile are not listed in the filing. The allegation is that Google made misleading claims about the Nexus One's capabilities, then failed to adequately resolve issues when they cropped up.
    Google started selling the Nexus One direct to consumers in early 2010. At the time, the phone had only T-Mobile US 3G bands. Consumers reported issues in getting, or holding on to, 3G frequencies in areas that other phones had no problem. After a software update, Google declared the problems fixed, saying that any further issues were on T-Mobile's end.
    It's unclear if a judge will eventually grant class action status to the suit. If so, Nexus users might get a check for $10 in 2-3 years. The lawyers managing the case however, will probably do much better. If you have a Nexus One, let us know how your 3G is these days.

    Google Being Sued Over Nexus One 3G Issues | Maximum PC

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    I'm glad someone out there owning N1 has the b*lls to sue google! I mean don't get me wrong here, I love my N1 ever since I bought it back in february. I can't seem to put it down and I have to have it on my hands. Lol Anyways, the 3G issue I've been having since I have this phone has never been fix. Signal still fluctuates between 3g/edge. I'm tired of *****ing about the 3g signal that I'm just immune to it. Mainly the 3g signal issue I'm having is at home. I'm looking at my area and I see alot of cell towers surrounding me. Btw, I live in las vegas, nv, still spotty 3g here. I don't know if anyone living in vegas have similar issue.

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    I would be VERY surprised if it goes Class Action's such a transient/ location-dependent issue, and no two different phones perform the same even in the same location. But there are tech-dumb judges out there, who knows?

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    Well my Nexus in the UK has no problems and a mate of mine has a Nexus and iPhone 4. For signal the Nexus wins hands down.

    I would have thought we would have the same problems here

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    I have an AT&T N1 and have noticed that my friends iPhone 4 gets better reception than me. He'll always have 1 or 2 bars of 3G when I've already switched over to edge or no network.

    Of course the suit specifically mentions t-mobile...

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    I just sent HTC a request for replacement

    Getwild, Junior Member, #4886
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    Posts: 9: My N1 reboots self 2-3 times/24hrs. Sometimes it rattles me awake trying to reboot and can't get past the Rainbow Cross and onto the sputtering Rainbow Wire connecting image. The I have to roll out of the sack, fumble forcing the cover open, and pull the battery and go back to bed. Re-installing the bat in the AM works fine. It sometimes does this even when I'm on a call. Most of the time when it reboots it only takes a min to successfully restart. I did replace the battery and it still auto reboots. I'ts an unlocked phone but with an ATT SIM from my old Motorolla Tundra.
    Other than this problem I love my Nexus One.

    It seems to of happened more frequently after Froyo 2.2
    I have shut down WiFi, and Bluetooth as well as most apps, even bought a new Battery.
    Just bought a car, and moved to FL, Yesterday I tried Nav on my Car Doc and BAM! Deader than a door nail after every red light Battery pull and reboot.

    Following thread also reports this problem 09-02-2010, 12:59 AM
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    Hey Guys,
    I recently got a nexus one and today I was in my car using the Nav and emailing and stuff..and i noticed that my phone got hot and shut down. Previously once it shut down after it got hot when I was charging it and playing robo wars at the same time. Has this happen to anyone else?

    Freezes would happen randomly and whenever I used the official nexus one home charger, desk charger, car dock, navigation, or browser. No 3rd party apps, only original oem software installed.

    Sent it back to HTC.
    Still waiting.
    Google quickly took my money and ran away.
    Google did not even have the decency to stand behind their own name!

    It sounds serious enough for a law suit! And it'll sure effect the "Droid does market Place" with Googles Android System.
    Good luck to all of us!

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    Crazy how problems are so isolated with these phones. I'm having great 3g coverage with my phone, although I wouldn't be suprise if more people jump on the suit wagon over this.

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    Return Poster

    I was successful in getting HTC to accept my return, the first emailed Tech wanted me to jump through hoops, icluding re-formating my phone and starting from scratch. The N1 Phone wouldn't last through a call especially on hold. when suddenly I thought; I do have a second phone SKYP on my laptop. Made the call, a good hit it was, Got my RMA FedEx Label, packed it up and shipped it off.
    Thanks to all those whom said it was a Hardware problem and get it back to HTC.
    And although this thread was about a law suit concerning signal strength, NOW GET THI:.
    I found my old Motorolla Tundra, slipped my SIM in, and now have all possible bars, I realize now what was missing, I thought it was Location, Location, location. My N1 really needed Help!

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    I've had no issues with my AT&T n1.
    Never had any issues with 3g or anything. My sister uses the iphone 4 and most of the time (maybe 6 out of 8 times) I'll have better reception that her. Places where she has 1 bar of reception, I'll have 3 or full.

    I keep reading these horror stories of bad n1 experiences, and... I'm surprised I haven't met an n1 owner IRL who has any problems, the ones I've encountered (12 or 13 different n1 owners) all have nothing but praise for this phone.
    Sucks to hear that other n1 owners are having these problems.. but I'm glad it seems to be affecting only a small small smalllllll portion of the entire n1 population.

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    I wouldn't know how to run this phone if it had 3g. All I have ever had is Edge.
    I started out with T-mobile. Reception was horrible. I canceled them, went back to At&T which I only had Edge. When my contract ran out, I switched to "Simple Mobile" and all I have is Edge. They are a part of the T-mobile network so I guess that is why. I don't know if my phone would get 3g or not. But I am not complaining because it is a really great phone. I feel naked without it and always have it in my hands. There is so much to do on it. I am mostly on wifi at home and lots of places when I am out have wifi. I may have one that doesn't get 3g but I don't mind as long as I have my N1 I am happy.
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