Gingerbread tomorrow?

This is a discussion on Gingerbread tomorrow? within the Nexus One & Google Phone News forums, part of the Nexus One category; just don't get it. Reminds me of this: [ame=]YouTube - The new phonebook's here![/ame]...

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Thread: Gingerbread tomorrow?

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    Not hatin'

    just don't get it. Reminds me of this:

    [ame=]YouTube - The new phonebook's here![/ame]

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    Thats exactly how I am. A new look for the battery or for anything. Even if it's small aesthetic changes, it's still something new I get to look at on my phone until the next update comes out. Just cause you don't get it doesn't really mean you should pick on, nor belittle those of us who love the new phone books coming out.
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    I just hope it fixes my battery life issue, driving me nuts at the moment, makes phone useless.

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    Here's the general agenda for the two days. Start times are PST. D: Dive Into Mobile Agenda | AllThingsD

    Edit: update from Engadget Andy Rubin to speak at 6:30pm PST

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    Seems it has colored icons now. But if I am using Launcher Pro seem no use

    Unless 2.3 scrolling is smoother than Launcher Pro

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyler.durden View Post
    It isn't even a 3.0 release, it's a lousy 2.2 to 2.3 update.

    They make a couple small changes to the UI, maybe fix a couple small bugs that few people ever run into, and everyone is jumping up and down like the thing is going to give you a massage AND a happy ending after each phone call you make...

    It'll drop when it drops and it isn't going to be a big deal.
    yea, wasnt froyo 2.1 to 2.2 and it brought a lot of capabilities and got a lot of other people excited. were you excited for that? no need to bash on other people

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    [QUOTE=tyler.durden;84087]just don't get it. Reminds me of this:

    [ame=]YouTube - The new phonebook's here![/ame][/QUOTE

    I was excited up until you made me realize how stupid I looked.

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    For unrooted users this could be a very nice update, however for most of us running Custom roms it is going to be a slightly more annoying wait, whilst the OVA update roll out and make those of us happy all the modders will start creating new roms based on this new release like Cyan did for froyo. I for one am excited because of the Tablet sides of things but i am going to stick to my 1.8 MIUI for now
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    That Video is Hilarious!
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