Nexus 3D Possible Next Google Phone?

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Thread: Nexus 3D Possible Next Google Phone?

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    Nexus 3D Possible Next Google Phone?

    Nexus 3D Could Be First Android Ice Cream Phone

    A Nexus 3D model could be the first smartphone to be powered by the upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

    Earlier this year we said that a new era in mobile computing would begin with Android 3.1. We were wrong. While Android 3.1 will be pushed to tablets this spring and appear on Google TV-powered products this summer, we'll just have to wait a little bit longer for smartphones to join the party. That'll officially happen when Android Ice Cream Sandwich is released, likely at some point in Q4 2011. Not nearly as official, a potential Nexus 3D model could be the first AICS-powered smartphone.

    Google Describes Ice Cream Sandwich

    "We want one OS that runs everywhere. Let me tell you how we're going to make that happen. To start, we're taking all the good stuff that we added to Honeycomb for tablets, and we'll make it available everywhere. On phones, on tablets, and everything in between. This includes the new holographic UI, the new launcher, the new multi-tasking UI, richer widgets, advanced applications, everything."

    "Ice Cream Sandwich is not just about breadth, it's about depth too. On Android, we're always looking to bring the latest technology to mobile devices, and we've got some really cutting-edge stuff in the works."

    Nexus 3D Could Be Released in Q4

    With smartphones like the HTC EVO 3D and LG Thrill 4G taking advantage of stereoscopic 3D capabilities, it would be natural to believe that Android Ice Cream Sandwich could debut on a Nexus 3D smartphone in Q4 2011. Google, LG and Texas Instruments may possibly be working on such a smartphone, where the idea would be to give third-party developers an environment to explore emerging opportunities. Regardless, Google's Android Chief, Andy Rubin, yesterday semi-announced a new Nexus model to be released in conjuction with the Ice Cream Sandwich release, according to TechCrunch:

    "I think the Nexus has been the thing we use to set the bar. There will always be new ones coming out for the market. The cycles are holidays and the summer time."

    During the Google I/O 2011 keynote, the Android team gave basic demonstrations of how a front-facing camera and microphone can easily be used to register a user's motion and voice in order to control actions on a device screen. Well-known iRobot yesterday gave further demonstrations of the opportunities ahead in that regard.

    In addition to everything Android 3.1 represents and stuff that has yet to be revealed for Ice Cream Sandwich, new developer opportunities in the Android ecosystem will be significant. A new Android@Home initiative will for instance bring the cloud, Android devices and digital home technology together in a seamless experience. Additionally, with Android Open Accessory, pretty much any consumer electronics product built under that program can seamlessly work with Android devices (see a demo at 36:15 in the [ame=""]video[/ame] below).

    New Alliance within the Alliance

    Just as important for developers is the fact that HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG have initially committed to provide Android software upgrades for up to 18 months (depending on hardware requirements) after a specific smartphone has been released. The founding partners of this alliance also include Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Vodafone.

    While Google has added the "Fragments" capability found in Android 3.0 all the way back to Android 1.6 (which lets developers more easily optimize content display on different screen sizes), an upgrade like Android 2.2 proved to be a critical update for mid-range phones for instance.

    This new alliance will work together to adopt guidelines for how quickly devices are updated after a new platform release, and also for how long they will continue to be updated. Google encourages other companies to join the alliance, and says that more details about what this alliance aims to accomplish will be available soon.

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    great specs, will be worth a look or maybe a swap but I really don't care bout 3D.

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    sounds good .. honestly I was expecting something really nice .. with HTC again ..

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