A recent article on Yahoo News! from "The Street" writer Scott Moritz, caught my eye. The title to the article is, "10 Androids That Outmuscle the iPhone", and it goes to show that the mainstream media is really catching on to what we already knew about Android vs. iPhone. Apparently, there are going to be several Androids that are much better than the iPhone. Who'da thunk it?

Several of the phones mentioned in the article were very notable Androids, although some aren't even that impressive. He specifically named the following 10 devices as the phones that were "out-muscling" the iPhone:
  • Samsung Nexus S, Sprint
  • LG Optimus (Pretty sure he was talking about the follow-up version)
  • Samsung Droid Charge, Verizon
  • Samsung Function (probably VZW version of Galaxy S II), Verizon
  • Motorola Mobility Targa (probably the Bionic), Verizon
  • HTC Sensation, AT&T
  • LG Revolution, Verizon
  • Samsung Infuse, AT&T
  • HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon
  • Motorola Atrix, AT&T

The article had this to say about the Android ecosystem starting to dominate the market over the iPhone,
The presumed delay of the next iPhone from June to September, and the decision to wait a year on 4G LTE upgrade highlight just a few of the areas where Apple has been lagging behind the leaders in the Android pack.

"The processor and display quality improvement in the Android camp is proceeding at such a clip that Apple will be under a lot of pressure to deliver a substantial jump in iPhone specs next autumn," MKM Partners' analyst Tero Kuittinen.

"It's not clear how Apple can battle the rapid Android evolution," says Kuittinen, "unless it picks up the pace of its iPhone launches."
Of course the Android tech news websites already post this stuff daily, but it's interesting to see it really start to take hold in the "mainstream" media. Most of the time when you see articles comparing the Android to the iPhone in regular news outlets, the articles tend to "favor" the Apple product a bit. It's nice to see people starting to see that we don't all have to drink the Apple "Kool-aid" and that there is an alternative "fruit-punch" out there.

Source: Android.net via Yahoo News!