The mobile chipset maker ARM, is working hard to advance mobile gaming as quickly as possible, and they claim that within 18 months their mobile GPUs (Graphical Processing Units) will have the same graphical power as a PlayStation 3 or Xbox360. They further explained that although the graphical prowess of their chips may reach those lofty heights that soon, there are other factors to consider with mobile gaming that they are working on also. They elaborated that although Moore's Law has allowed them to advance their hardware to that level so quickly, unfortunately, battery technology doesn't follow Moore's Law. They explained that although shrinking the process node helps, to further combat the problem of massive battery consumption, they are also working on advanced battery management techniques, and a multi-GPU design that only powers up GPUs when they are needed. ARM shared that their newest tech is the Mali T604 chip, which is being sampled now with products set to appear in 2012, and will be the first chip to enable GPGPU capability and will also support OpenCL.

That's pretty amazing to think that within a couple years, we will have smartphones and tablets that rival our home gaming consoles. The inevitable evolution of technology marches on...

Source: via SlashGear
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