Despite earlier reports that suggested Google may release Chromebooks at a higher price-point, instead they are launching starting at just $349 dollars. The cloud-based net device from Google could eventually become the next evolution of technology for the computing world. It heralds another step toward Google's vision of information easily and quickly available to everyone. Here are the details on the launch:
Chromebooks now available.

You asked to be notified when Chromebooks became available. We're pleased to inform you that they're available starting at $349.

Built for the web.
Listen to music. Play games. Edit photos. Thanks to the Chrome Web Store, you can find apps to do anything.

Stay connected.
With a long-lasting battery and built in WiFi and 3G, it's easy to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Boots in 8 seconds. Resumes instantly.
Chromebooks are fast and are designed to get faster over time as they get automatically updated.
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Source: and via The Chrome Team - Google