According to a recent court filing, the CTIA is trying to block a new cell phone ordinance in San Francisco. The new ordinance, called “Cell Phone Right-to-Know”, requires cell phone retailers to post information suggesting that cell phone radiation could cause brain tumors and pose other health risks. The CTIA argues against this and points out alternate studies suggesting that there is no real evidence to support these assertions. Here is what the CTIA had to say about it followed by a link to the full press release below,
“The materials the City would require be posted and handed out at retail stores are both alarmist and false. The FCC and FDA have repeatedly found that cell phone use does not pose a danger to human health. The Ordinance recommends such things as turning the phone off when not in use, a suggestion that would render critical emergency communications unavailable to San Francisco residents. “The City’s warning materials create the false impression that the FCC’s standards are insufficient, suggest that phones are dangerous, and urge consumers to limit their use and turn them off when not in use. If the millions of wireless subscribers in the Bay Area heed the City’s misguided warning to avoid cell phones, use them less, and turn them off when not in use, it will limit the value and convenience cell phones provide and impact public safety by limiting access to 911 and emergency alerts that can save lives in emergencies.
Even though a recent study by the World Health Organization suggested that cell phones could be carcinogenic, there are several other studies pointing to the opposite. In fact several researches studied the WHO report itself and found that there was evidence in it suggesting that cell phones do not cause brain tumors. Share your thoughts in the forums.

Source: via Presser: CTIA Files Challenge to San Francisco “Cell Phone Right-to-Know” Ordinance