We have a really exciting new contest for developers going on over at our Kindle-FireForum.com sister-site! Technically, this may be a competing product, but we know that many of our members are either budding or already successful developers, so it is our pleasure to share this cool contest with you, plus it showcases our awesome new sister-site, @ Kindle-FireForum.com. We are pleased to announce the Kindle Fire Rooting & Porting Bounty Contest!

Here are the details below, and make sure to post all questions and discussions over at Kindle-FireForum.com! For contest entries, follow the instructions below.

Attention Developers:

The forthcoming Kindle Fire looks to be a nearly perfect device for consuming Amazon's massive amount of content conveniently, and that alone would make it well worth the price for most consumers. But this is an Android based device, and the Android development community isn't comprised of "most consumers."

Looking at the hardware specs, alot of us can't help thinking that this device will be capable of a lot more than just reading Kindle Books and watching Amazon VOD. With a fully functional port of a tablet optimized version of Android, we think the Fire would have value far beyond it's price.

We here at the forum are convinced that you folks have the skills to make that happen, and we'd like to be a part of it. Therefore we would like to propose,

A Contest in Two Acts

  • $500 for a Reliable Reversable Root Method for the Kindle Fire
  • $500 for a Fully functional port of Honeycomb or preferably ICS to the Kindle Fire

How to get the prize

Complete one (or both) of the tasks above and share it with the world! Post your source code on GitHub and paste links to your pictures and videos in the comments here: #Got Root? (or email us). All work must be documented under an open source license. The first person or group to successfully complete a fully functional root method and or full port will win the corresponding prize. The only condition is that your port must have a user-friendly installation process (such that the average user can easily install it). Remember: The staff here will be testing your work, bricking our devices will not increase your chances of winning.


"Reliable Reversable Root Method" - This one is self explanatory.

“Basic Android Port” – The stock Android homescreen and apps boot. Touchscreen works, full offline app functionality is present. Android – Honeycomb required ICS prefered. Audio, Multitouch, etc: Full or nearly-full functionality required. Only quality ports will be rewarded. Fastboot/ADB/Bootloader Support – Development and documentation of a method for flashing test/dev Android system images Recovery – Development of a working recovery mod for the Fire.

If you would like to contribute to either the root bounty or the Honeycomb/ICS bounty please contact jblalock77@kindle-fireforum.com. We would be happy to increase the prize with donations and/or contributions from other organizations and you will receive full credit. Thanks.

Original Contest Post By jblalock77

Please remember to post contest entries only over at our Kindle-FireForum.com thread, here. Good luck with your coding, and go get that bounty!