'New' Nexus One, but with Curious Problems...

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Thread: 'New' Nexus One, but with Curious Problems...

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    'New' Nexus One, but with Curious Problems...

    Nobody is a Nexus newbie these days, are they? Well, I am. I have my son's N1 (2 years inactive until last week) to sell on eBay or somewhere and I'm trying to get it up to date for the sale. It's in good condition but I am stumped by the following:

    • No updates are coming OTA for the Android Market (remember that?). I expected it to turn into Play within hours of starting up.
    • AM starts saying 'No matching content in Android Market', but a search still lists apps. However, all downloads are 'unsuccessful'.
    • Talk authentication always fails. Does Talk still exist as a downloadable app?
    • It seems to need a longer-than-normal press on its stiff little power button to wake it up
    • My Gmail works fine, though, as does the browser.

    Maps seems to, too, but once while under clear skies for quite long enough to get signals, the map tiles kept randomly flashing on and off. Might this be due to the ISP having to deal with a 2G (albeit strong) signal? Just tested it indoors (2 of 4 bars signal and powerful WiFi) and got a stable map... tested it again a few minutes later and the tiles ate flashing again.

    Anyone know how to sort out the matters of the Market, Talk and the Maps, please? And are N1 on-buttons usually quite stiff and/or slow?

    I'm hoping the KitKat mod(s) are improving fast enough to make this behave like the Android I've come to know. Any comments about this?


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    I'll be honest with you, you're only the second person I've run across who currently has a Nexus 1. No offense, but that is really old technology and as far as I know, there have been no updates to it for a couple of years. If you like though, stick around the forum and see if anyone familiar with that phone can give you some advice.

    Good luck!
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