We have now have a few more details (some conflicting from previous rumors) of the Nexus Phone. Early this morning posted on the Tnkgrl Mobile Blog was a new hands on report of the Google Phone that we felt it was important to pass along! While we were hoping for some clear and updated pictures of the device, none were posted as she was "not allowed" during the sit down.

Hardware specs:
- 4 GB micro-SD card installed
- 1400 mAh battery capacity
- 3.7" OLED Screen
- Unlocked!
- Trackball
- MicroUSB Data/Power Connceter
- Possible Docking Port with Gold Contacts located on the bottom
- Speed: Fast and Faster then the Droid

- Trackball Focus
- Same Camera Interface as the Motorola Droid
- Low-Light Performance was noted as decent, but flash is weak

- 3G works on T-Mobile USA
- No AT&T 3G Support - EDGE Data

- Android 2.1
- No multitouch support in the browser or with Google Maps