The press conference was very interesting and we found out a few things that no one was expecting. The phone was pretty much what had been reported, so nothing new there... but we did find out that Google Earth would be out for the Android 2.1 platform and I had not seen that anywhere previously.

In addition, Google hit us with the fact that both Verizon and Vodaphone (and during the Q&A session they mentioned other carriers will be coming soon as soon as they can integrate the ordering system with carrier IT infrastructure to make it a seamless ordering experience) very soon.

So, you'll be able to use this phone probably by Spring of 2010 with every major carrier in the world. Just a hunch but the hardware obviously can be adapted to work with all carriers.

You can order your phone today and it will ship today and includes free FedEx overnight shipping if you order the unlocked version. T-Mobile ordering was not available at the time I made my purchase so I picked up an unlocked version.

You can order online, right now here: Nexus One Phone - Web meets phone.

We did a quite thorough transcript (but not perfect) in our Chat archives which you can view here: Nexus One Forum - Google Phone Forum - ChatBox

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