How NexusOne will Issue Infractions !!!

We here @ have decided that it would be BEST to handle offensive posts/people/etc. as follows:

Signature Rule Violation.........2.......7 Days
Spammed Advertisements.....5.......30 Days
Insulted Other Member(S)..... 5.......7 Days...Duration
Inappropriate Language.........5.......7 Days...Duration

All Members will be given one free pass, We will PM them,
Warn Them, If they continue their behavior,We will Issue Infraction Points.

When a member accumulates 11 Points, they go on a Automatic 7 Day Vacation (BAN)
Second Offence gets a 30 Day BAN
Third, Permanent Ban

Flaming other members, Cursing, Political Statements,
Racial Comments, Sexual Slurs, or anything of the sort,

This type of Behavior Will Not be Tolerated on Nexus One Forum !!!

The ONLY exceptions to this rule would be porn or spam posts. These will receive a Permanent Ban Immediately.

Posting WAREZ, Links to WAREZ sites, Links that look like they could be a Warez Site are not allowed on N1. We Will Edit out those offending links, PM the person who posted them, issue a friendly warning. If they continue, Issue Infractions or ban them appropriately. retains the right to modify the Infraction Policy as needed to keep
NexusOneForum a safe, friendly and family oriented place for our members.
(This will be updated as needed.)