Hello everyone,
I finally made the jump this week to android after owning all three generations of Apple's iPhone. I dumped my 3Gs to some kid for $500 and $29 later I was waiting for my very first android phone, the Nexus One. My phone shipped last Tuesday and after a short weekend of being forced to use a Blackberry Pearl I found myself anxiously waiting for the fed ex man (or woman) to show up at my doorstep. He pulled bout noon and I ran out to meet him before he even got to my doorstep (I know what your thinking, but hey if I can't be understood here then I have no chance anywhere else, right?) I plugged it in and anxiously awaited for that little amber light to turn green while catching up on all the days Android news. It turned and I fired it up, and the first thing I saw was the Google nexus quad-colored "X" and my jaw hit the floor. What an amazing invention OLED is and the team that brought this technology to our world need to be hugged and not let go!

Well, I am sure you are sick of reading my post and most of you have probably experienced the same experience that I did on that day so ill move on. I have spent almost a week with this phone and I really could care less what apple releases come this June because I know were I will be.

I just want to say hello to my future friends and fellow gadgetears because after doing many Google searches in my quest to understand the wonderful open world of android I have came across this site a few times. I decided to join and maybe one day help others out the way you all have unknowingly helped me out this past week. By the way my name is Cody, its a pleasure meeting you all!