Hey all I'm AJ I'm proud to be an owner of a 1 day old att nexus one. I made the switch from the 3gs last week I've been waiting for it to come in the mail for 4 days and finally it came. Not only was I pumped to use this N1 but I haven't used a phone in 4 days which is rare to me. So I used it for the whole day nonstop and I'm just now getting used to the keyboard I have realized that the touch isn't as recognizable as the iPhones since the multitouch isn't true 'multitouch' as the iPhones but I've learned to type without having two fingers touch the screen at the same time so I can actually type as fast as I did on my iPhones. I love the customization capabilities and the screens beautiful. I'm glad I've made the switch. I still haven't went to sleep and its 3:08 AM I know terrible. Well that's it I'm just happy I made the switch and I'm looking forward to learning more bout android in the near future!!!