I have the N1 with the Desire Rom. (ALWAYS WIPE BEFORE FLASHING A NEW ROM!!!) It realllllly can save you time in a BIG way. Before that. ALWAYS BACKUP BEFORE FLASHING A NEW ROM. :-)

Okay enough of the old dude talk. I was having issues with getting the apn settings to take after flashing the beta 17 of the desire rom. Thanks Paul of Mocodo!!! ) and that blew away my settings. I did not want to roll back because I'm a goober that way don't ya know. So I started on the quest to find the best settings for the mobile network apn config. The one that worked after trying all of them was. http://developer.t-mobile.com/loadKb...olutionId=1159 Pay close attention to the mention of the July 2009 notice: use epc.tmobile.com (I had entered it initially at t-mobile.com (egg on face over here.) Okay have fun one and all.

Nexus one APN settings
These work 100% of the time and you do not need two different profiles for your mms and internet work.