I have been interested in Android when I read about it over half a year ago. It was the only operating system that I found interesting. I love looking at new phones and reading specs and reviews. I have always thought that all OS were basically 'the same'; I mean they do the same things right? lol :P Compared to the other OS, Android seems much for fun and interesting to read and learn.

I first came across Android when I was researching for the Sony X10 (Rogers was the first carrier to announce it was carrying it), the phone of my dream at that time. I wanted to know as much as possible about the phone, so I researched on Android and all of its goodies. Well...4 months later, I lost my cellphone (LG Vu) and in need of a new one. Still no X10 on the market and around this time I became more interested in the N1 since Google just released the ATT&T/Rogers version.

The selection of Android phones in Canada is in its infancy. Rogers only has 3 android phones (Dream/Magic/Eve) none of which really interest me, especially after reading the horror stories about the 911 problem with the Dream/Magic. I still have 2 years on my contract and I don't want a data plan and have to deal with Rogers for updates (Dream got the boot for upgrade, Magic/Eve will only get 1.6).

I've been saving up my money and have been debating between the X10 and N1. When Sony announced that the X10 does not have the hardware capability for multi-touch, I simply had enough. The 6+ months wait, 1.6 and now no multi touch, my patience with Sony ran dry. So Last week I ordered the N1 and made the plunge! Now I can proudly say I'm a Nexus One owner. I'm loving the phone so far, downloaded over 3 dozen apps, been playing with them and just simply enjoying the experience with my brand new phone.

Signing off,

P.S. Didn't realize I wrote so much, thanks for reading my N1 life story XD