yet another departure from the big 3

This is a discussion on yet another departure from the big 3 within the Nexus One Introductions forums, part of the Nexus One category; Since june of last year I have owned an original iphone, and iphone 3g, a palm pre, a second hand blackberry, then the HTC Hero ...

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Thread: yet another departure from the big 3

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    yet another departure from the big 3

    Since june of last year I have owned an original iphone, and iphone 3g, a palm pre, a second hand blackberry, then the HTC Hero and I recently traded my hero for a samsung moment. Needless to say, including a former point in my life, I have experienced the U.S.' top three mobile phone carriers.

    I'll be adamant about this next part. I eat, sleep and drink android. there is no other multi-level innovation that integrates seamlessly with the IT world that I work in. Even beyond that, I am infinitely more pleased with android over ALL the other smartphone implementations on the market.

    Yesterday the sprint flavored Nexus One was canned, and everything that I had riding on sprint, including the very cheap but available advantage club plan (starts at $20 a month for 500 minutes, unlimited data/texts) fell through. Sprint now became the only major carrier that did not have a competing product in the ~3.7" + snapdragon realm. Needless to say, tomorrow I will be one of the newest proud owners of a google flavored nexus one.

    I really wanted it to work. I REALLY did. but Sprint has said otherwise, and its time i really stop trying to bite my tongue when it comes to getting on google's network.

    T-mobile may not be the best network around, but I will be living in a decently major city (kansas city) and the network saturation is pretty high among each of the big 4, so I'm not really buying all the crap that all the coverage/map ad campaigns shove down their viewers throat.

    I pulled the trigger on the N1 and am happy to be here. I will be getting the non-contract plan to maximize the savings over the course of owning this phone, AND not being tied to a specific carrier.

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    Main reasons Verizon is not supporting the N1 is their 1.) bad relationship with Google and 2.) the move to dominate the new 4G market. All their ad campaigns center on this feature.

    The HTC EVO (4G phone w/ larger screen & more features) will be their droid flagship, not the 3G limited N1.

    However the N1 will still hold onto the performance lead for quite some time as the 4G network will take 2+ years to become usable nationwide, despite advertising hyperbole.

    The Sprint 4G data plans are also reported to be very pricey ($120+ per month.) By the time the big 3 and others get their 4G foothold, that price may come down a bit.

    Everyone is saying that since only T-Mo and AT&T support the N1, then its future may be dead, however the iPhone didn't do too bad with only AT&T.

    Here in San Diego T-Mo is very fast and reliable. In 5 months I haven't had one dropped call; downloads are fast even when downloading videos. T-Mo is in a major network upgrade with some users reporting huge speed increases. So far I've been very pleased.

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