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    Hello All,

    Looking forward to working with everyone and getting to know my used (but good condition) Nexus One (T-Mobile 3G variant).

    I was initially a Motorola user and switched to Symbian based Nokia devices many years ago. My last Symbian device (S60V5 N97) will go up on E-Bay shortly to help subsidize my N1 purchase. Tired of the lack of apps, extremely slow response, and non-capacitive touch screen.

    I thought it would be interesting to test drive Android, so I dove into the deep end of the pool (can't swim, but I'm one hell of a dog-paddler). When I dive, I dive. I bought the Desktop and Car dock, BSE shield, Zagg earbuds, and leather case. The used phone was missing the stock earbuds and slip-pouch

    My only complaint so far is the graphical keyboard. It's taking my fat fingers 3-4 times as long to complete a SMS message. It sure would be nice to get my hands on the Android Swype beta or some other equivalent. I'll have to snoop around.

    My current carrier is MySimpleMobile. Once I read they lifted the 150Mb data cap, I jumped on board. Will see how actually unlimited it is without violating their "Terms of Service".

    Hobbies include guitar (1972 Gibson ES335, G&L Bluesboy, Hagstrom Ultra Swede), beer, and Asian woman (hey, at least I'm honest).

    Currently working as a Defense Contractor on the east coast. Originally from Chicago-land in the state of Cook County.

    Enough rambling, Zappa be-praised.

    Tom (dziddy)

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    Welcome dziddy!
    Forget the Swype...I'm not anywhere near as thrilled with it as others are, but that could have something to do with the fact I'm not much of a typist anyway (four fingers on a regular size kb, hunt/peck! LOL!) I find I need too many adjustments to find letters, suggestions are poorer than BetterKeyboard, and I need a lot of numbers (my ID's tend to have a few numbers, as well as my passwords) which are more annoying on Swype than any other soft kb I've tried. I still find myself gravitating back to BetterKeyboard with a skin. Nice concept Swype, but I can type faster and accurately on BKB, after trying Swype for two weeks straight.
    Anyway, enjoy your N1, whichever kb you choose!

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