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I was trying to make a new user happy, if you feel that it is you duty to prove that I am lying or misleading then go ahead, idk I know it happened and we get plenty of new and old users asking the same question that shows that there is an aura of uncertainty. And it is easily done, my monthly bill shows me, ans in some detail, data used via wifi both amounts and sites.

You CAN’T Just Use Wifi on the iPhone! It Won’t Let You! | israeltech blog

That page shows that even the newest iPhone needs access to cell data to use wifi, now this could be what I am remembering but months ago or it could be a new instance of being charged for wifi.

First of all, I want to THANK YOU Nobby for assisting all of us "New" users/members to the forum. And you are Correct when you explained that customers were being charged for use of thier own routers at home for wifi access. I had a Blackberry 8320 or 8230, or something like that and I Definitely recall being charged for total data transmitted regardless of it's origin. I've been a TMobile customer since 2001, and it was in one of thier data plans.

Nobby, once again, Thanks for the assistance you provide!!!
Thanks for the confirmation bigdaddybatonrouge, i was sure that it had happened at some point but Googles is right i should have made more of an effort to back up my claims, anywhere else and i would have spent hours looking for evidence but i was on my way home and cba

Anyway thanks for the love bigdaddybatonrouge