I know the problems with wifi going on with the Nexus One. I had some problems with my other Nexus One and sent it back. They sent me out a replacement that seems to work great on wifi without the wifi fixer application. The only problem is My G-Mail accounts work flawlessly on 3G and Wifi. My Yahoo account works on 3G but not on wifi. Why does G-Mail work on wifi and not the Yahoo account?

PS, the only thing I have to do is turn on never sleep in the advanced settings for the wifi to work properly.

I thought I saw somewhere that yahoo has problems with android devices?? Maybe the work around would be to have yahoo go thru my g-mail account and not worry about the yahoo problem. Have used yahoo mail for a very long time and need that account or I would just dump it.
I tried the yahoo-mail app and had the same problems. Any help would be welcomed.
Thank you, Vinny