Hey everyone! I had my Nexus One for almost 7 months now and I really do love the phone. About 9 weeks ago I have the problem with charging my Nexus One. I called HTC service and the representative told me that the problem might be with the battery. Right away I ordered a new battery from the Google Online Store. After 2 days I received the battery from Google and I still have the same problem; my phone will not charge! Again, I called the HTC Service and explained that I ordered the new battery but it still does not charge. They gave me a return authorization number and I sent the phone to them and they told me that it will take 3-5 business days for the phone to be repaired. After 5 days I called them back to see what is going on with my phone because I still hadn't received it. Costumer service representative told me they do not have any information from the repair shop. I called them numerous times, and still nothing. Finally after 3 weeks, they asked me to pay $196 to repair my phone without any explanation with what is wrong with the phone. But I still payed the $196 and after one week they sent the phone back. When I opened the box I found the phone broken on the back side. I called Costumer Service right away and they asked me questions about what the box looked like when I received the box, trying to blame the problem on Fed-Ex. But I also told the representative that the serial number on the phone does not match the last one. And they tried to tell me that it doesn't make any difference because the company probably changed the motherboard. I insisted to let them send the phone back to them but they would not give me the RA number. They tried to tell me that I have to wait until the HTC service discussed the situation with Fed-Ex. Finally after 2 days they gave me the RA number and I sent the phone back to them. I asked them how long it would take to change the body of the phone and once again they told me that it would take about 3-5 business days. Up to today, it has been 4 more weeks and I still have not received my phone and they still do not have the answer to when they will send it to me. I tried to call the Google representative for Nexus One and I explained to him the whole problem. Even that representative called HTC and cannot get the right answer. If anybody knows anything about how the process goes at the company or if you have been in the same situation please let me know. Thanks.