Hi, I'm Ebonwumon and if you don't know me you don't know the fact that I like my Nexus One Superphone and I like crayons also. I spend my days playing with my Nexus One Superphone and drawing with my crayons.

It makes me happy when people ask me to draw things with my crayons so you can feel free to contact me and ask me to draw with my crayons.

@Mods: I couldn't find any rules so I'm not sure what the forum's stance on posting emails/URLs are, so if I'm in violation gimme a good smack with a wooden spoon and delete what I'm about to put, thx.

You can visit my crayon site here: http://crayons.ebonwumon.com

You can email me and request drawings here: kingofcrayons@ebonwumon.com

Oh, and for length, because that makes me feel good about myself, I'll also add that I'm from Canadaland (in the largest hamlet in the world, no less), so I'm saying hello on all my fellow Canadian's behalf - whether you like it or not