Looking for a few good "Mentors"

This is a discussion on Looking for a few good "Mentors" within the Nexus One Introductions forums, part of the Nexus One category; I am from the bayou country (Louisiana - we are the original "good eats"). I received my N1 this week through ebay. I am currently ...

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Thread: Looking for a few good "Mentors"

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    Looking for a few good "Mentors"

    I am from the bayou country (Louisiana - we are the original "good eats"). I received my N1 this week through ebay.

    I am currently working 60 - 80 hours a week as a highway construction inspector so time is very valuable right now. Hurry up Holidays . Reading & research is far & few right now. I am stealing a few minutes to write this.

    I currently use a Nokiea 6085 or something like that - dumb phone. I am to the point in my life that a smarter than me phone will be a benefit for work as well as personal uses.

    I hope ya'll (southern slang) don't mind me asking a couple of questions while I'm at it.

    I have slipped my at&t 3g sim card into the N1 to make sure it functions properly. So far so good. Looking at my on line account it sent up about 700kb & now I have a message that it wants to update. It is running FROYO (sp?)

    Here is my dilemma, I am not under contract & have a very old plan that even the at&t reps say I shouldn't replace. The only data options are for "basic phones". The data rate is $.01 a kb. So my little sim card check is going to run me about $7. Also, while looking @ my account, I noticed at&t didn't recognize the phone.

    Can I get away with doing the dumb phone data plan or do I call em up & add either the 200mb or 2gb smarter than me phone option?

    What time I have had to look at some of the different forums has been a bit of information overload? Could someone direct me to a sticky or guide that would give me the ins & outs of ? :

    What version

    What apps

    Settings to check

    Any info you think a newbie should know

    Using a PC to interface w/ a N1

    I do run Ubuntu on my laptop. Is it better to use a Win machine or linux to inface?

    Thanks for any info to help this newbie climb this mountain of a leaning curve.

    Got to go, the "Bride" of 32 yrs is wanting her ration of valuable time.

    Glad to be aboard.

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    Ask them for the cheapest data plan and go with it. Since I have a family data plan, the smartphone unlimited was $10 a month.

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    First off I would like to welcome you to the forum

    You may have froyo but not the latest version so I would update if I were you.
    As for using your cheap data plan this thread should help you it is for t-mo users but I think if you change the t-mobile to at&t it should work or you could ask on the thread http://www.nexusoneforum.net/forum/t...e-service.html

    Things you should know version is not important if you update it will be the latest so no big deal there. What apps you should have I suggest a mobile security app like lookout or thief aware so if ever you lose your phone they will help you get it back. Other apps are more your choice but this thread might give you some Ideas http://www.nexusoneforum.net/forum/n...-one-apps.html
    Settings should be fine but if you want to change something go ahead. Nothing comes to mind on what you need to know. You don`t really need to connect your phone to your computer unless you want to do file transfer or share media. Not sure what computer is best but I don`t think it makes a difference. The learning curve will come as you go on and by reading on this forum and others (if you want).

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    I was able to play with the N1 on the WiFi some this p.m.

    I'll log on to at&t to add the data & then I will try the settings tomorrow.

    Thanks for the input

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