Just wanted to drop a quick hello to the community. My name is Cooper, I am major android fan, I own a rooted Nexus One with Cyanogen Mod installed which is working fantastically for me. I always have had a problem with battery life on my N1 and am greatly hoping to improve it. I have tried dimming the screen, dropping 3G/HSPDA to 2G, Underclocking the CPU, everything and I have come to believe that the underlying reason of the horrible battery life is that Android naturally has an unreasonable amount of background processes constantly running. For that reason, I installed the Advanced Task Killer app to kill more processes while I have my screen dimmed, my processor underclocked and all animations 100% shut off. As I was killing my email app, I realized that this is totally ridiculous. iPhone users (I wouldn't dare buy any phone from Apple) don't need to worry about battery life at all and I'm over here stressing about it. In fact, It's making my day extremely unproductive because of that fact. Any ideas as to if Android is going to get better with this problem and any ideas for me to save more battery percentage without loosing productivity?