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Thread: Wanabe, but not up to speed

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    Question Wanabe, but not up to speed

    Greetings! I'm new here and came basicly because I wanted to hear the inside scoop on Nexus S. I'm intent this next year to cross-over to the most 'hip' phone-tool I can find. I'm still researching devices, but this one really has my attention! I have some basic problems in that I do not YET see whether or not I'll truly enjoy (use) all the features on this phone. I have a Samsung flip-style phone..no camera, VERY basic. I'm a very practical person (my curse sometimes) I do NOT like senseless bells and whistles. For instance, when I buy a watch I want the buttons to be located so that I do NOT continually have to "reset" things if I treat my phone a little rough sometimes...ya know? I'm trying to reconsider my general attitude though. My questions at the moment are:
    (1)I use Verizon presently, any idea WHO is the best/cheapest service provider if I have Data services and 'online'?
    (2)Besides checking email and My portfolio, I'm concerned the online feature may NOT be very "usable"? Screen reading etc (My eyes are 57!) I'm worried the internet may just be a bothersome and costly "add-on"?

    I like what I've read about the phone, I like that it's a Google friendly tool and I like what I read about Android. I use Chrome on my desktop, but I do NOT use gmail (bad experience couple yrs back). So to me, it's almost like converting from PC to MAC and I don't want to make an expensive mistake. I do realize younger people view their whole 'phone experience' differently than I and I'm "open" to suggestion. Glad to be here, thanks for letting me snoop!

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    Ok well for your two questions

    (1) you won't be able to be on Verizon with a nexus S. If you want to have 3G speeds then you will need to go with t-mobile.
    (2) many sites now have mobile web sites which are the same site but optimized to view with a mobile device. For sites that don't have mobile versions you can just zoom into the web page and you should be able to read fine.

    I think you will enjoy having a nexus S it is a huge upgrade from an ordinary flip phone and it's a great phone.

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